lift-ED: Episode 4, Nikki Becker

Nikki Becker is a meteorologist and the Observing Program Leader at the National Weather Service in Gray, ME. She is an active participant in MMSA’s WeatherBlur program, acting as a “Scientific Expert”, helping students create investigation protocols and sharing scientific resources. Nikki was also a judge for the American Meteorological Society’s special award at the Maine State Science Fair, 2020.

lift-ED is a bite-sized podcast about teaching and learning in STEM Education produced by the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance located in Augusta, Maine, USA.

Lifted is a collaborative effort of the staff at MMSA.   Interviewers include Rhonda TateHannah LarkinRebecca Clark Uchenna.  Audio editing is by Phelan Gallagher.  Video editing is by Sierra Toomey.  Post-production is by Gary Lewis.

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