Math Games for Middle School

Math Games for Middle School

Engage with other middle-level math educators to discuss types of math games, explore ready-to-use math games, develop ideas for new games, and discuss processes for effective implementation.

Activities and discussions are designed around the following core questions:

  • How can games support student engagement, motivation, and understanding of core grade-level math concepts?
  • How can math games promote both procedural fluency and conceptual understanding?
  • How are strategy-based games different from luck-based games? What makes a game strategic?
  • How can games elevate connections between the 5 mathematics representations?
  • What are common games used in Grades 3-5, and how can the math concepts be extended to middle-level math ideas?
  • How can games be used to support differentiation needs?
  • What are implementation challenges and how can they be addressed?

Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.


 Tuesday, April 9, 2024 

8:30 am – 2:30 pm

In-Person at MMSA

343 Water Street, Augusta, ME 

Cost: $250

Registration Deadline: April 5, 2024.

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