We all know that plagiarism is bad, but it is easy to forget that ethic extends to original images, videos, artwork etc too.  Here’s are few easy ways to start finding material on the web that is free to use if you don’t have your own images to work with.


If you do not know for SURE that you are allowed to use an image, video or artwork for your project, then you must assume you CAN’T.   Use only images, videos or artwork that provides you permission to use for any purpose.


Via Creative Commons:


Via Google:


 (this gives a good start, but you still need to verify that any images you select are in fact free to use because Google’s algorithms aren’t perfect and you may be shown images that are NOT FREE TO USE)

Via Pixabay

This is an image/video/artwork sharing site where authors provide their materials for free – and ask for a donation if you use materials for commercial use.  It has a wide range of materials you can search through.   You should be aware that the top row of images are ‘sponsored’ and NOT free…but everything below those are great for STEMports use.




How to find free images, videos and artwork

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