Creating a new Base Station

A research station is a location where game players embark on quests to learn about the science, technology, engineering, or mathematics that is taking place around them.  It is a place where they can have access to wifi to download those quests into the app on their devices and it can be a central point to local game activities and events.

You can create a new research station is you can meet those requirements.

Creating a new Research Station is easy.  Before you stat you will need to think about and gather some information to complete the form.  The information you will need is:

  • Your game login details – you have to be logged in to create a Research Station.   If you don’t yet have a login for the game editor, you can create one using the exact same login details (username and password) as your game account.
  • A unique name for your Research Station – a name that reflects its location is perfect.
  • A photograph or graphic (in .jpg format) that reflects something about your Research Station.
  • A brief description of your Research Station and what people who visit it can expect – you could include hours it is open if it is a public space (like a library) and how to connect to wifi.
  • Location details – latitude and longitude (in digital format i.e. NN.NNNN, -NNN.NNNN).  The system does also has a map where you can drag the pin icon and zoom in to get a precise location.

Ready? Lets do it...

The first  step is to go into the game editor.    It will open in a new window.

You must be logged into this site to be able to use the editor.   Click Login in the top navigation bar, then return to this page.