Quest Author

This game is owned by the whole community – and becomes stronger by players building new quests that others can play in your location.   It is a great opportunity for you to show others the amazing way science, technology, engineering and mathematics is being or could be used in your community to solve issues and make the community stronger.

The process is not complicated – and involves two stages 

Creating and maintaining a Research Station – from where players can download quests related to your community, and

Developing and publishing quests – that take players to interesting locations around your community to learn about the ‘hidden’ work that is being down.

Both of these processes uses the game EDITOR.

Watch this quick video to get an overview of the editor and then click the sections below to get detailed, step-by-step instructions on Creating a Research Station or Creating a Quest.

Creating a Quest

Resources to help you build a Quest

Building a quest will require you to do some research – both to develop a cool ‘pathway’ for people to discover aspects of your community, to find and record locations to take layers, and to take photos and videos to add to your quest’s look and feel.

We know that sometimes it is had to find resources when you develop questions, so below you will find our Quest Vault of materials that you can use.  We also have some tips and tricks that might help you create super cool content.

Tips and Tricks

Quest Vault

Image Vault

Image Vault

Vault Image Gallery Click on the image and it will open full size in a new window.  You can then …
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