Maine State Science Fair

maine state science fair
Marina Mohawass explored the use of cellulose nanofibers to make biodegradable diapers.
Maine State Science Fair (MSSF) is a wonderful opportunity for Maine high school students to present their original research to a statewide audience of their peers and judges including scientists, engineers, mathematicians, teachers, and other STEM professionals. MSSF is open to students from all public, private, parochial, and home schools (grades 9-12) throughout Maine.

In 2014, MMSA joined The Jackson Laboratory in sponsoring and organizing Maine State Science Fair. Through MMSA’s Reach Center, this initiative aims to increase participation throughout the state, particularly in rural areas, by providing resources and support to teacher and student participants.

Thanks for the great work your organization is doing!

~Matt Buchwalder, Lincoln Academy

Connections to Guiding Principles

Students can use Maine State Science Fair to demonstrate proficiency in Guiding Principles. MMSA has aligned the MSSF scoring criteria to the Guiding Principles, showing that evidence of proficiency can be found in four out of five of the standards. This document is meant as a starting point to help teachers weave MSSF into their work with students.

Maine State Science Fair is back for its 72nd year! It’s an event with a long history, but it is far from old or stale. MSSF is more than just the traditional sciences. In fact, we welcome projects in the fields of computer science, engineering, mathematics, behavioral & social sciences, and even data science. Once again, MMSA’s Reach Center is teaming up with The Jackson Laboratory to host this exciting STEM event.

Maine State Science Fair
Annalyse Nichols and Alice Wang studied road salt as a component of stormwater runoff.
Maine State Science Fair
Isaac Sewell’s engineering project focused on developing a wireless aquatic drone to aid in conducting underwater research.

Visit for more information or to register.  Contact Stefany Burrell if you have any specific questions!

I'm a science teacher at Lincoln Academy. I just wanted to say how impressed I've been with Stefany Burrell's work at MMSA. I was a Teacher Fellow with the JAX science fair program this past summer. The way she and Michael McKernan ran the program was really well thought out and super helpful. And, all through this year Stefany has offered reminders, support, and resources to help me and my students get ready for the Maine state science fair. Any time I had a question she responded quickly and was more than happy to help.

~Matt Buchwalder, Lincoln Academy

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During this pandemic educators have been forced to reinvent the way they reach kids and all of us here at MMSA have been working hard to shift our programming, professional learning opportunities, and research to overcome this incredibly difficult challenge for educators across Maine and the nation.  

Your support is a crucial component of our efforts to continually expand STEM education programs during these uncertain and challenging times.

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