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The Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance is pleased to be teaming up with the Maine Environmental Educators Association to offer “Getting to Know the NGSS for Maine’s Environmental Educators.” During this free workshop, we explore the key shifts in the NGSS, model how to incorporate these shits into programming, and think about ways that Environmental Educators can both lead and support the transition to the NGSS! As a fun bonus, we will also be modeling ways to engage youth in scientific investigations in virtual environments. ... View Event
Are you looking for ways to build your own and your students’ understanding of the key components of computational fluency?
Do you want to gain access to numerous routines, activities and resources to support students’ flexibility in their approaches to operating with whole numbers, fractions and decimals? ... View Event
Do you want to hone or create a plan for creating a community of reflective, collaborative and inquisitive learners? ... View Event
Phenomena-based science encourages students to ask questions, discover connections, and design models to make sense of what they observe. What does this look like in the K-4 classroom? In this 3-part, real-time virtual workshop you will become familiar with instructional strategies for phenomena-based science learning. ... View Event

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Becky Tapley

Our Math Consulting Team is Growing!

The MMSA math consulting team supports mathematics educators through project work, consulting, and curriculum development. MMSA strives to identify opportunities ...
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Summer at MMSA 2020

Summer 2020 at MMSA

All of us here at MMSA stand hand-in-hand with our educator partners across the State and the Nation ready to ...
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research team

MMSA’s research team has grown to five members!

Our research team now consults or leads research on anywhere between 10-12 projects at any one time. It’s great to have the capacity ...
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i2i Forum

i2i Project Shifts Dissemination to an On-line Forum.

With every one of us tethered to our computers this spring, there has been a lot of conversation about the ...
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