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The Station is a phone app that allows players to explore the world around them through educational quests. It links the virtual gameplay on your phone to real world locations and discovery via GPS.

Not a problem! We have extra devices that partners can borrow both for designing quests and player use.

Currently, we are developing quests with partners such as Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA), Maine Mineral & Gem Museum (MMGM), and Great Salt Bay Community School (GSB). As we continue to onboard more educational partners our availability to host events and workshops will grow, too.

We often rely on signs, pamphlets, and people to deliver the content or message of our organization. But these methods take a lot of time and resources and are often difficult to amend. Due to the virtual abilities of this app, we can help you enhance your user experience. In the virtual space signs can be moved and edited instantly, there is no paper waste because you won’t have to reprint after making an adjustment, and you won’t have to rely on having someone available to deliver a class or workshop. With The Station you will now be able to more easily communicate your work.

Quests are made using our simple online editor. It involves no coding knowledge and updates instantly, allowing anyone to add content and test their design at a moment’s notice.
We welcome anyone in Maine interested in telling their story, demonstrating their knowledge, or delivering information in a new way to reach out to us through this site. Land Trusts, Museums, Nature Centers, State Parks, etc. can all benefit from using The Station to add value to the work they already do.
Interested parties can register through this site. Signing up is free and doesn’t commit you to working with us. From there we can get in contact and discuss how we can best assist you in building quests for your organization.
Not at the moment. It is developed for iOS and is intended for launch in the app store in 2022. In the meantime we have plenty of test devices to run events or workshops as you familiarize yourself with the usefulness of The Station.