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Our Partnership Process

The Station is a collaboration between MMSA and community partners. We are delighted to work with organizations who would like to use The Station as a platform to increase their outreach into their communities and deliver educational content in a new and exciting format.

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Our Current Partners


Why become a partner?

Are you looking for a technology-driven way to engage your audience within your community, or beyond? Do you want to guide your audience to specific sites around your community in order to learn more about points of interest, without having to install signs or placards? Do you want to extend your organization’s reach through a fun, and treasure-hunt-like experience?

The Station: Maine is this, and more.

With The Station, you can send your audience out on “quests” to learn about aspects of your work within your community. You can take them to places called “tour stops” and provide them with information for each site. You can provide them background information in the form of “field notes” that can teach them more about your work. And finally, you can ask your participants to undertake a task, or make an “observation,” like take a photograph, to show that they have learned from their quest experience.

Some of our current partners are using The Station to take their audience on quests to identify types of trees and to learn how rocks are formed. How would you like to use The Station to extend your audience’s learning in your community?

How do we support partners?

We are delighted to work with your organization on site to set up your first quest. You decide on the learning content, and we will provide you with useful templates and guidance to create the best user experience. In this way, you will see how The Station can be adapted to your situation and how a quest is developed. Once your quest is active, we’ll work with you to host your first workshop or event.