ACRES Returners: Developing STEM Identities and Making Career Connections

Cohort Code (for registration): RT05VR
Virtual Skill Session: 11/15/2018 12:00pm
Virtual Coaching Session: 12/13/2018 12:00pm


How do you help youth recognize their connection to and role in STEM?  How do you help youth learn about STEM careers?  In this two-part module, you’ll experience several easy to implement strategies including a photo elicitation activity, learn about how youth form STEM identities, and then learn how to conduct related activities with youth. Back at your program, you will capture a video of your practice and then share during part two, the  small group coaching session.

Who should get involved?

Afterschool or Out-of-School-Time educators who…

  • Have taken an ACRES course before, completing at least the Asking Purposeful Questions module.
  • Have consistent interactions with youth.
  • Are looking to deepen their practice in helping youth recognize connections with STEM.


ACRES is a $250 value. Thanks to the generosity of the STEM Next and the National Science Foundation, it is FREE to participate in ACRES. You will also be compensated with a $50 stipend for completing a survey before and after you participate.

Both sessions will be virtual and will use the ZOOM video conferencing platform.



Register for an ACRES Cohort

  • *ACRES Returners are all educators who have completed at least the Asking Purposeful Questions workshop and coaching sessions.
  • To register, please complete this form (scroll if needed. Submit button is at bottom of form)