ACRES Returners: Exploring Youth Understanding in STEM

Cohort Code (for registration): RT04VR
Virtual Skill Session: 9/13/2018 12:00pm
Virtual Coaching Session: 10/11/2018 12:00pm


What can we do to find out what youth know about a particular topic without resorting to a quiz or test? What strategies can we use before, during and following an activity to surface youths’ understanding? In this two-part module, we’ll first clarify the purpose of formative assessment and then learn several easy to implement strategies for monitoring youths’ understanding. We’ll revisit the water filter activity from the Asking Purposeful Questions module to see the strategies in action. At your own site, you’ll record a portion of an activity of your choosing to practice one of the strategies and share it during part two, the coaching session.

Who should get involved?
Afterschool or Out-of-School-Time educators who…

  • Have taken an ACRES course before, completing at least the Asking Purposeful Questions module.
  • Have consistent interactions with youth.
  • Are looking to deepen their practice in uncovering youth understanding.

ACRES is a $250 value. Thanks to the generosity of the STEM Next and the National Science Foundation, it is FREE to participate in ACRES. You will also be compensated with a $50 stipend for completing a survey before and after you participate.

Both sessions will be virtual and will use the ZOOM video conferencing platform.






Register for an ACRES Cohort

  • *ACRES Returners are all educators who have completed at least the Asking Purposeful Questions workshop and coaching sessions.
  • To register, please complete this form (scroll if needed. Submit button is at bottom of form)

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