Timeline for ACRES Coaching Cohort

Fall 2018

Introduction to ACRES Coaching

September 6 (12:00pm to 2:00pm ET)

You will meet in a cohort of new coaches and learn coaching skills and logistics to prepare you to coach your own cohort. During the time following this meeting, you will recruit afterschool educators to participate in your practice cohort.

ACRES Cohort Session 1
Suggested Date: Week of October 1
The cohort you are coaching will begin. You will lead a virtual training session on Asking Purposeful Questions.

ACRES Cohort Session 2
Suggested Date: Week of November 12
The educators in the cohort you are coaching will come together with you to share videos of themselves in action. You will have the opportunity to coach and foster peer interactions.

Coaching Reflection I:
November 29 (12:00pm to 2:00pm ET)
You will reconnect with the other new coaches to reflect on skills and the progress of your cohorts. During this session, coaches will share videos from their training sessions and receive feedback and insight from other coaches

ACRES Cohort Session 3
Suggested Date: Week of December 10
Coaches will do a second round of coaching with their cohorts. Educators will share a second video and reflect on practice.

Coaching Reflection II:
December 20th (12:00pm to 2:00pm ET)
Connecting with other new coaches once more, you will review additional coaching videos, wrap up, debrief and celebrate. Coaches will receive certificates and discussing next steps for continuing coaching.

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