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Forms to complete (yourself)  before participating in the Coaches Cohort

Before You Coach

Recruitment Materials

  • Flyer template  – Use this flyer template to recruit educators to your cohort. Be sure to insert your cohort’s relevant information
  • Testimonials  – As prospective educators express interest, share these former participant testimonies with them.
  • FAQs  – Frequently Asked Questions for prospective educators

Sample Emails

Use these sample emails as you craft your communication with participants.

Video Consent Forms

  • Here are two examples of typical materials we use in our programs to tell frontline staff and parents about why they’re being video-recorded. Feel free to adapt them to fit the needs of the program and staff you are working with. As you work with educators and share recordings of your coaching with other coaches, we encourage you to be supportive of individuals’ privacy preferences by asking them before using a specific clip if it highlights their reflections.

For Your Coaching Sessions

Tips for Virtual Meetings

  • Deciding which platform to use If you will be conducting your sessions virtually, we recommend using Zoom video conferencing. Zoom has many features that make group video conferencing successful (i.e. Screen Share, Polling, Breakout Rooms, etc.). You may use other video conferencing platforms as you see fit, however MMSA is unable to provide tech support for other platforms.
  • Signing up for Zoom If you choose to use Zoom, you will need an account. Only the meeting host will need an account- participants do not. With a free Zoom account, there is a 40 minute limit to group meetings, so in order to facilitate a full ACRES session, we recommend upgrading to a pro account. MMSA has worked with Zoom to offer you a 10% discount.
  • Tech Support If you find that you need tech support for Zoom, please review the Zoom website and help center. If you are unable to troubleshoot, contact

Tips for File Sharing and Video Annotation

  • File Sharing As educators record themselves practicing, they will need a way to share them. You can choose how this will happen. We’ve had success using a Pro Dropbox account, but you might also try a Google Drive folder or a secure youtube channel. Be sure to share how the process will work with your participants and any links they will need to upload and view the videos.
  • Video Annotation If you’re ready to take the next step with your cohort’s feedback, try using Vimeo Review Pages. You will need a Pro account to use this feature, but it allows for time stamped comments and asynchronous feedback prior to your coaching session. Check out this step-by-step guide for transferring videos from dropbox to Vimeo. You can also read about our video annotation pilot here.
  • After You Coach

Certificate Template

Use this template (download here) to provide your participants with a certificate of contact hours. Educators will receive 2 hours for each session you hold – likely 6 hours in total.

Research Survey and Reflection

After each session of coaching please fill out this survey to provide attendance data and to answer questions about your experience as a coach. At the conclusion of your ACRES coaching sessions the research team will reach out to you.

Contact MMSA

219 Capitol Street, Suite 3, Augusta, ME 04330 ● PHONE: 207.626.3230 ● FAX: 207.287.5885 

Sue Allen
Principal Investigator & Sr. Research Scientist

Perrin Chick
Project Manager

Lynn Farrin
Curriculum and Professional Development

Hannah Lakin
Curriculum and Professional Development

Scott Byrd
Research Scientist

Alexandra Brasili
Research Associate

Liv Detrick
Research Associate

Cindy Caverly
MMSA Staff Accountant 

Natalie Reis
Communications Specialist

Coaching Logistics Materials