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Campaign to Define the Future of STEM
Please join us as we define the future of
STEM EDUCATION and therefore the future of the
STEM education workforce in Maine and beyond!

Help Us Reach OUR $100,000
Capital Campaign Goal
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Capital Project Revitalizing Downtown Augusta’s WaterfrontFOR EDUCATORS & LEADERS

MMSA has outgrown its old office spaces and does not have access to the space or technologies needed to meet the needs of our educator partners across the country. Our staff and partners need access to a formative space that allows for productive collaboration both in-person and virtually. At the same time, rural educators are no longer able to travel over long distances – due to ever decreasing school budgets and professional development funding – to participate in professional learning experiences like they did 10-20 years ago.

We have a vision to design an interactive virtual learning center that can provide a highly dynamic and collaborative professional learning experience for educators that can be accessed no matter where they live!

We are moving to a newly renovated historically preserved building on Augusta’s waterfront at 343 Water Street. We look forward to playing a key role in the Augusta revitalizing initiatives that are making this Kennebec Waterfront a vibrant downtown community.

We envision a learning space where educators, youth leaders, and researchers come together to define the future of STEM education.

Download our full Campaign to Define the Future of STEM.

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Remote Site Tool Kit

3 @ $5,000 each includes:

  • Mini 360 degree video and audio
    smart conference camera
  • Laptop
  • Delivery fund to get kits into
    the hands of educators

STEM in Maine Mural

(artist commission)


ways to give
build community - stay connected - support educators

Virtual Learning Center Conference Room

$35,000 includes:

  • Training tables & chairs
  • Voice Activated video conference package and presentation screen
  • Speakers and microphones
  • Echo control

Video Conference Rooms

conference room

2 @ $10,000 each includes:

  • Conference table & Chairs
  • Voice activated video conference package and small screen
  • Echo Control

Idea Lab

$7,500 includes:

  • Appliances
  • Lounge Chairs
  • Team Tables
capital campaign offices
Executive Offices
2 @ $2,500 each Standing Work Stations
2 @ $2,000 each Communal Desks
10 @ $1,000 each

During this pandemic educators have been forced to reinvent the way they reach kids and all of us here at MMSA have been working hard to shift our programming, professional learning opportunities, and research to overcome this incredibly difficult challenge for educators across Maine and the nation.  

Your support is a crucial component of our efforts to continually expand STEM education programs during these uncertain and challenging times.

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