Today, more than ever before, educators need your support!  During this pandemic they have been forced to reinvent the way they reach kids and all of us here at MMSA have been working hard to shift our programming, professional learning opportunities, and research to overcome this incredibly difficult challenge for educators across Maine and the nation.  Please support MMSA today so that we can continue to expand our support of STEM educators during these uncertain and challenging times.

Here are some examples of what different levels of support have enabled us to do over the last few months.

Friend ($50):
Provides the support for a one-on-one coaching session as our staff work closely with educator partners and organizational partners to brainstorm and plan how to revise STEM lessons and activities.
Contributor ($100):
Provides the support for our staff to offer a series of virtual tea/coffee sessions open to any educator across the country, free of charge, that needs support transitioning STEM learning activities to virtual, remote, or home-based learning. VIRTUAL TEA
Supporter ($250):
Provides the support to design a virtual read-a-thon for educators, free of charge, which gives educators the opportunity to dive into the most current topics in STEM education with a lens of remote learning! Read-a-Thons provide a supportive learning community where educators read materials on their own time and then join a cohort to talk through applications of the topics discussed in the book. READ-A-THON
Sustainer ($500):
Provides resources to produce one episode of our podcast liftED, which shares the stories of STEM educator leaders responding to the challenges presented to them.  liftED podcast
Catalyst ($1000):
Provides funding to support scholarship funds to a school team (10 or more) from a high needs district to receive customized STEM professional learning to increase access of high quality STEM learning to all students.  

If you have questions or need more information please contact Rebecca Neville at

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