Princeton Students Visit MMSA!

MMSA’s Lynn Farrin and Tom Keller met with a group of undergraduate and graduate students from Princeton University (NJ) who were on a program called Breakout that is dedicated to finding alternative ways to spend Fall and Spring break exploring social issues. Their trip focused on understanding and expanding alternative ways to educate people, of all ages and interest levels, about science and scientific process. They wanted to learn more about how science is taught in America and perhaps provide examples of how science could be taught to attract wider interest and to improve science literacy.

Lynn described numerous examples of the way MMSA provides high quality professional development so students have high quality instructional experiences in math, science and engineering. Tom focused his remarks on state and national science and math education policy, working with partner organizations, and improving the system of education in Maine.

This quote from one of the participants indicates it was a successful trip: “This has been, by far, the most worthwhile thing I have done as a graduate student at Princeton. Being a teaching assistant in the classroom is valuable, and being a researcher will advance my field’s knowledge, but through this single week-long experience our group truly reached out of the Orange Bubble.”

In addition to visiting MMSA, they visited the College of the Atlantic, Ellsworth High School, the Maine Academy of Natural Sciences, and the Schoodic Education and Research Center.

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