Experiential STEM Updates

Throughout 2019, the Experiential STEM project, with the generous support of the Davis Family Foundation, will provide focused, non-hierarchical professional development that works with teams of students and educators together – learning and planning curriculum side-by-side.

Innovation in education is a team effort. While teachers and students are central to instructional shifts, changes in education cannot rest solely on their shoulders. In fact, current literature and feedback from earlier iterations of the Experiential STEM Project has pointed toward the critical role of administrators in the success of school reforms.

Experiential STEM ProjectWith this in mind, the Experiential STEM project brought together together teacher leaders and administrators from our six partner schools in early April for a day of learning and planning. They spent the day collaborating, listening, and identifying barriers and solutions for best supporting teachers and students in their schools.

Our next collaboration will be between teachers and students at the Summer Institute this August. Students and teachers will begin the work of identifying problems within their community and developing meaningful STEM learning experiences rooted in those issues. Then, throughout the school year, school teams will work with community members to develop lasting solutions.

The year-long project will culminate with a celebration of learning inclusive of students, teachers, administrators and community members. We are hopeful that by bringing each of these stakeholders together, we’ll be providing the opportunity for productive dialogue around experiential learning.

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