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Early Bicycle - Bamburgh, UK

World Bicycle Day

One of the best ways to beat the quarantine blues is to get some fresh air and exercise! United Nations celebrates the bicycle each June for its contributions to health, mobility, and the environment.

Tech Time 🌐

Technology is much more than computers and other electronics. At one time, even a pen was considered high-tech! So in keeping with our bicycle theme, pull together some materials you probably already have around the house to make gears or pulleys. Just like when shifting a 10-speed bike, your kids can experiment with different gear ratios to create a faster or more powerful gear system.

Get Outside 🌤

Kids can get bored with just riding their bikes in the driveway, so here are 10 ideas to make it more fun and help them become better, safer riders. Speaking of safety, make sure they’re wearing helmets even if they’re just riding in your yard!

Rainy Day 🌧

Most people over the age of 6 have ridden a bicycle, and we’ve all certainly seen our share of bikes. But could you draw a bicycle strictly from memory? Challenge everyone in your household to draw a bicycle from memory. Then compare the drawings to an actual bicycle, either one of your own or a photo from the internet. Are the drawings missing any crucial components? Once you’ve completed this activity, check out a project done by Gianluca Gimini, who actually made bicycle prototypes using the drawings of his friends and family.

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