Science Lab @ Home: Simple Machines Bingo

Simple Machines Bingo

We have a new summer format for this blog series – periodic activities to get your family to pay closer attention to the STEM around them. Check back weekly or follow us on Facebook to get updates!

Simple machines are objects we use to help us do work. In other words, they make everyday tasks much easier! Take the mechanism that allows you to raise and lower window blinds. There’s a pulley in there! It allows you to pull down while the shade goes up. What about a knife you would use to cut a watermelon? That’s a wedge. Applying pressure with the sharp side splits the thick watermelon rind in two. We have another set of bingo cards for you. This is the perfect rainy day activity. Send your family off around the house to find examples of simple machines. Encourage them to go beyond the obvious (an actual screw) to find other items that we twist on an off. You can download the cards here. Let the fun begin!

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