Mainer is appointed to the National Board of Education.

The National Academy of Science has recognized Dr. Sue Allen, of Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance, by appointing her to the prestigious and influential Board on Science Education (BOSE). This is the same organization that created the Framework for K-12 Science Education which are now the basis of most states’ science standards. Dr Allen will serve on the Board for the next three years. This honor is extended to a select group of approximately 15 professionals at one time. Our Maine educators will now be represented on the national scene. 

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is an independent non-profit organization that was created by an Act of Congress and signed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863. It generates reports on different topics that summarize research and provide objective advice to the nation on issues related to science and technology. The Board on Science Education (BOSE) investigates how science is learned and can be taught, BOSE reports have had considerable influence on federal legislation as well as professionals working in all aspects of science education in and out of schools.

Dr Allen shared this quote: “Being asked to serve on BOSE is an honor and a great opportunity to learn from some of the most accomplished science education researchers and practitioners in the nation. I particularly look forward to emphasizing the importance of “informal” or “out-of-school” science education that takes place in our afterschool and community programs, summer camps, museums, libraries. I hope to bring my experience of living and working in Maine to the forefront of these national discussions related to science education, and to elevate the voice of rural educators in particular.”

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Dr Sue Allen
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