Workforce Ready: Year in Review

Exploring Artifical Intelligence with Educators

Two educators work together on a laptop.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has impacted education this past year in many ways. In order to respond to the shifts in education caused by the emergence of AI, MMSA hosted a virtual session for educators and administrators to provide education professionals with a foundational understanding of the technology and how educators and students may leverage its capabilities in educational settings. 

Our first session, titled ‘Preparing Maine’s Classrooms for AI: A Virtual Workshop’, was held on May 15th, and showcased the work and expertise of representatives from the Roux Institute, the University of Maine, and MIT. 

The session provided some research on how AI is integrated into Maine’s workforce, an introduction to machine learning through Google’s Teachable Machine, and some examples of how ChaptGPT can support teaching and learning. 

Following these demonstrations and research summaries, participants were also able to ask questions. Participants noted improvements in their understanding of the use of AI in the classroom after attending the session and nearly 95% of participants were ‘Extremely Interested’ or ‘Very Interested’ in attending more sessions. This inspired the four-panel ‘Demystifying AI’ series we began during the fall of 2023 and will continue into 2024.

Both ‘Demystifying AI’ sessions and the associated resources as well as registration information for the 2024 sessions can be viewed at

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