Equity Statement

Statement of Intent

MMSA’s mission is to find inspiring new ways to get people, especially educators, excited about science, technology, engineering and math today, so that our youth can become the innovators, critical thinkers, workforce, and problem solvers of tomorrow. To achieve that vision, we must create a diverse and inclusive environment in which everyone can explore, grow, and learn together. We value the diverse assets that each individual brings to our work and embrace social and cultural differences. We are working within systems that are inequitable and biased, and we each carry explicit and implicit biases that, even when unconscious or unintentional, can be significantly harmful. As an organization, we continue to recognize and manage those biases to achieve our mission by first investigating where we lack diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. We will look inward to identify, understand, and actively remove barriers that exist for certain groups within our learning community to create meaningful, long-lasting change. Ongoing change is needed to create an equitable and just society that strives to achieve our mission.

MMSA’s mission and vision work toward a future where everyone in our society can solve problems collaboratively, use evidence and critical thinking to inform decisions and viewpoints, and build a better world for everyone, not just the choice few, based in ethical scientific research, understanding, and innovation.

Moving forward, MMSA will:
  • Actively seek out and listen to the experiences of our participants, staff, & partners, especially to facets of the community that have not historically been given a voice in our decision-making processes, with the understanding that their input will help us frame a healthier and more inclusive community.
  • Develop and implement strategies and procedures that dismantle discriminatory practices and unconscious biases throughout our organization, including staffing practices and recruitment of partners.
  • Identify and remove barriers that prohibit people from accessing MMSA programming, ensuring opportunities and necessary modifications for the entire organization
  • Recognize that inclusion is a lifelong journey, and we commit to open, public communication as we navigate change and possibilities for our future.
This is a graphic of a Venn diagram with three circles--diversity, equity, and inclusion--inside a larger, all-encompassing circle, justice. Justice says, "MMSA utilizes STEM learning as a tool to reach toward a just society, removing barriers that prevent anyone from participating equitably and fairly. Inclusion says: "MMSA intentionally involves everyone as full and accepted members of the community." Diversity says: "MMSA understands that valuing and reflecting upon differences within our community makes us stronger." Equity says: "MMSA ensures that everyone gets what they eed to thrive as professionals and individuals." The overlaps of the circles read as follows: 1) "Diversity & Inclusion are not enough; everyone should have access to opportunities that best serve their needs"; 2) Inclusion & equity are not enough; everyone needs opportunities to reflect upon and engage with different cultures, experiences, & identities"; 3) "Diversity & equity are not enough; everyone deserves the right to be purposefully involved and recognized within the MMSA community." The center of the circle, Belonging, says: "Everyone's unique identity is valued and respected at MMSA."

This graphic is adapted from the International School of Belgrade

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