Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance (MMSA) was established in 1992 as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization to oversee and coordinate a comprehensive effort to improve science and mathematics education in Maine under a 5-year grant from the National Science Foundation Statewide Systemic Initiative (SSI) program. The SSI grant ignited the spark that over time has grown into the well-established work of MMSA in educator professional development for the State of Maine and beyond. Today MMSA continues to support science and mathematics, in addition to engineering and technology, education in Maine through an expansion of its programs, staff, fee-for-service, a diverse portfolio of grant- funded projects in STEM education, and policy support. In just over the last decade, the MMSA brought over $24 million in grants and contracts into Maine to support students, teachers, schools, and districts.

MMSA’s funding sources include grants from national and state government organizations and foundations, private donations, and consulting. Our diverse funding profile has varied over time.

We are continuing to expand our research grants and staff and develop signature consulting packages, focused on a very bright future for MMSA and STEM education in Maine and beyond.

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