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small group professional learning

Work with MMSA staff to develop a Professional Learning format to fit your needs. Our team will work with you to create a customized consulting model that addresses your school or district’s specific needs.  After an initial assessment our consultants will work with school administrators to create a targeted action plan taking into consideration the 5 needs: timeframe, location, mode of delivery, grade span and budget.

math professional learning need assessment

Contact us for your initial assessment of need and to schedule a follow up to go over the 5 needs that will create your school or district’s action plan.

math packages component 1
  • Creating the team

  • Data Dive, Goal Setting

  • PL Planning- content, structure,

  • Ongoing revisiting of data

math packages component 2
  • Based on Data/Goal Setting
    • Choice of Content and/or Instructional Practices Focus:
      • Content Focus 
      • Project-Based Learning 
      • Instructional Practices
    • Choice of Structure: Virtual or hybrid options
  • Optional support through 1:1 or team coaching cycles.

Sample Full Year Timelines

In Person, Virtual Hybrid

2 Virtual Coaching Cycles with 3 - 4 Educators per Cycle
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Asynchronous, synchronous Hybrid

2 Virtual Coaching Cycles with 3 - 4 Educators per Cycle

In Person, Virtual Hybrid

1 Virtual Coaching Cycles with 3 - 4 Educators per Cycle

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Our knowledgeable experts in teaching, learning and leading in STEM will work with you to help you meet your goals no matter the size of the group or budget. Flexible scheduling and in-person, virtual and hybrid professional learning options available.

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