Emergency Response Technology Resources


Finding Speakers for Hurricane-themed Cafés

Find someone who can speak to the prediction of, response to, or recovery from hurricanes.

Careers Related to the Technology of Emergency Response

This list may inspire speaker choice or discussion during a café.

Hands-on Activities for Hurricane-themed Cafés:


Find activities related to hurricanes that can be used as-is or to stimulate ideas for your café.

Images of the Impacts of Hurricanes

Stunning and brief video and interactive slide resources that capture the impacts of Hurricane Harvey.

Meteorology of Hurricanes

What elements contribute to the intensity of hurricanes?

Monitoring & Mapping Hurricanes

These resources for tracking hurricanes and their impacts may inspire a café theme, choice of speaker, or hands-on activity, or may simply provide interesting background information.

Resiliency to Hurricanes

What does it take for a community to be ‘resilient’ to hurricanes, such that damage is minimized and recovery is quick?

Social Media’s Role in Hurricane Response

Examples of the role social media played during and after Hurricane Harvey.

Video Interviews

Hear the stories of a college student, Aquarium IT manager, and a Deputy & Assistant Emergency Management Officers about how they were involved in response to Hurricane Harvey.

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