Integrate-2-Innovate (i2i)

Bringing together teachers, administrators, business leaders, and researchers to investigate innovative ways to integrate computer science into the rural, k–8 classroom.

After a year researching the barriers to integrating CS in the classroom and lots of playing, i2i teacher participants have begun the process of creating models of integration in their classrooms. Checkout these examples and get inspired about what’s possible in your classroom!

Alice Lee - 2nd grade, Crescent Park School, Bethel, Maine

For more information about the resources Alice used, you can chat with her at

Lynn Hanna - 8th grade, Connors-Emerson School, Bar Harbor, Maine

For more information about the resources Lynn used, you can chat with her at

Looking for more resources to help you integrate Computer Science and Computational Thinking into your classroom? This curated list, especially made for K-8 educators, was shared at CSTA 2020.

  1. Integrate-2-Innovate (i2i) is an exploratory research-to-practice partnership that is intended to:
  2. Create a shared vision of how school districts can successfully integrate computer science into the PreK-8 curriculum through effective professional development structures and meaningful collaborations with other school districts and MMSA.
  3. Establish a partnership among K-8 educators, representatives from computer science business in Maine, school administrators, and educational researchers to collaboratively explore supporting rural computer science learning progressions.
  4. Build a network of rural districts committed to integrating computer science into their K-8 curriculum and school culture.

During this 18-month project (January 2019 – June 2020) participants  explored where the potential entry points are for computer science that already exist in current learning standards and curricula, and what types of high-quality options are already available that could be integrated into existing curricula.  Participants piloted modified lessons, units, and tools from a wide variety of sources and added those experiences to the data collected from classroom observations, participants surveys and focus groups. The outcomes of this project led to recommendations for professional development support structures for computer science that will work for districts and others across the State of Maine.

Which school districts are participating?
RSU 4 MSAD 44 Bethel
AOS 91 Mt. Desert Island
AOS 94 Dexter School District

Throughout the life of this project, the interest in integration of Computer Science has only increased. With an added emphasis on integration in state and national conversations, the i2i participants are on the cutting edge of important work that will only enrich this growing field. Participants are working together to synthesize their research and co-design learning opportunities for our upcoming CS Integration Spring Symposium that will highlight their work as well as the work of many other groups from throughout the state.

Project Funder


This project is funded by the CS4All program at the National Science Foundation, grant #1837262.  Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in these materials are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

Project Staff

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