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WFR partner teams include 4-8 people per district, comprising educators, specialists, librarians, tech integrators/directors. Each district commits to at least a full year—approximately 80 hours of contact—up to five years. Stipends for individual team members are $2,000 per year, and districts are eligible for $2,500 to offset costs of hosting professional learning experiences. School personnel are eligible for Contact Hours each year of participation.

Benefits for Your District

Grow Your Team’s CS Skills

Your team will receive ongoing support and training in CS skills and practices and work alongside STEM specialists from MMSA, EDC, and Educate Maine to co-develop integrated lessons and strategies.

Become a State Leader in CS and Professional Learning

WFR team members will be trained to facilitate professional learning for peers, and through our Regional Hub model, WFR districts will be supported in hosting professional learning opportunities for neighboring districts.

Help Establish CS Integration Best Practices

Participants will drive the direction of research and be involved with the analysis and dissemination of findings to be able to recommend best practices for CS integration into existing curriculum. You’ll also have the opportunity to co-author papers and present at conferences for both research and practitioner audiences.

Connect with Business Leaders

Educators will connect with local and state business as well as industry leaders during onsite visits. These experiences underscore the need for all students to have access to CS and the importance of educators bringing real-world examples of CS being used across Maine industries into the classroom.

Receive Priority Access to WFR Signature Experiences

Educators from WFR Partner Districts will receive priority spots, scholarships, as well as paid stipends to attend professional learning experiences throughout the year. This includes our annual weeklong CS Summer of Fun learning institute, a new immersive Connected Learning Experience, a multi-day field trip to explore Maine industries, and CS Visioning Experience a three-day deep dive, at your district, to develop a K-12 pathway plan based on the national S.C.R.I.P.T model from CSforALL.

Expectations for WFR Participants

Teacher Leaders

2-day Summer Agenda Building (August TBD)
16 hours/year

Ongoing RPP Working Group meetings
Sept – June; synchronous, virtual, not to exceed 2 hours/month.
20 hours/year

Attend Regional Hub Monthly Meetings to plan
regional hub offerings, strategize recruitment,
evaluate outcomes (approx. 2 hours/month)
20 hours/year

Lead CS-Integration Professional Learning
Activities within Regional Hubs
8 hours/year

Yearly Dissemination Opportunities

Research Activities / Surveys / Focus Groups


2-day Summer Agenda Building (August TBD)
16 hours/year
Ongoing RPP Working Group meetings (Sept – June; synchronous, virtual, not to exceed 2 hours/month).
20 hours/year

Lead Regional Hub Monthly Meetings to plan regional hub offerings, strategize recruitment, evaluate outcomes (approx. 2 hours/month)
20 hours/year

Promote CS-Integration Professional Learning Activities within Regional Hubs by connecting with area school districts, aligning schedules, and creating ease of access for educators to attend.
8 hours/year

Yearly Dissemination Opportunities
Research Activities / Surveys / Focus Groups

WFR is looking for partner districts that are curious about CS, committed to the project goals, and willing to try new things. For more info, contact Rhonda Tate at Applications are due by April 30th.

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