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Virtual Artificial Intelligence Series Demystifies Emerging Technology

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For many people, artificial intelligence seemed to arrive out of nowhere. AI has already changed the everyday ways people engage with text and images, and for teachers and students, these changes present both risks and opportunities.

MMSA has approached AI in education with a spirit of inquiry—seeking to understand the technology itself and what opportunities and challenges the emergent tool offers to the field of education.

Moreover, MMSA has continued efforts to support schools in integrating computational thinking and computer science which are required competencies for understanding how AI works and impacts society. 

Lastly, through a facilitated dialogue between educators and experts in AI, MMSA has begun identifying barriers and opportunities for AI use in today’s educational landscape.

With the help of grant funding and participation from leading researchers from partner organizations, MMSA has been able to facilitate a series of free and open panel discussions designed to help educators appropriately use AI as a teaching tool and understand the ethics behind it.

The ‘Demystifying AI’ series has offered an opportunity to connect educators with researchers to understand how AI can be used as a tool for teaching and learning.

Topics included:

  • Introduction to AI, covering the buzzwords and basics of the technology
  • AI for Your Students, diving into the applications for the classroom
  • AI as a Teaching Tool, exploring ways curriculum can be developed using AI
  • AI and Ethics for Educators

Resources from the series, including video recordings from the workshop sessions, slides, tips, learning prompts, basic information about various AI platforms and how to use them, teaching AI toolkits, and other supports are available on the event website.

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