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Defining Educational Engineering in a New Article by Emma Carey

A composite image showing the Spring 2024 cover of Afterschool Matters journal with a black-and-white portrait of Emma Carey.

Did you solve a problem today? Was there a change in plans that required you to pivot in your activity with students? The act of teaching requires constant problem solving, and who solves problems? Engineers! In many ways, the term teacher is synonymous with educational engineer. But why is this term important?

MMSA STEM Education Specialist Emma Carey’s article “The Engineering Identity of Afterschool Educators,” published in a recent issue of Afterschool Matters, describes in detail how STEM identity develops and connects with established teaching practices in a way that reflects the work engineers are known for.

The key term “educational engineer” is used in the article to refer to any educators that are solving problems using the engineering design process. “All educators design solutions to problems using the engineering design process. Afterschool educators in particular are flexible and frequently solve problems on the spot,” Carey writes.

To learn more about the wider implications of education engineering, including how educators and students can center an engineering mindset in their own STEM identities, read the full article in Afterschool Matters Spring 2024 issue.

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