Computer Science Resources

  • Internet Searches

    How do you evaluate whether the information found on the Internet is “good”? What is good information? This video accompanies ECS Unit 1: Human Computer Interactions, and includes written lesson plan.

  • Algorithms

    How do algorithms apply to an every-day type of workplace such as an auto repair shop? This video accompanies ECS Unit 2: Problem Solving, and includes written lesson plan.

  • Web Design

    Hear from a self-taught web designer about how he got into web design, and the skill set that has served him well. This video accompanies ECS Unit 3: Web Design, and includes written lesson plan.

  • Data Analysis

    How does an organization like the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife use “big data”? This video accompanies ECS Unit 5: Computing and Data Analysis, and includes a written lesson plan.

  • Programming

    Hear from three programmers from Kepware at PTC about the role of programming in their jobs, and how they got to the work they’re doing today. This video accompanies ECS Unit 4: Programming, and includes a written lesson plan.

  • Robotics

    Which of the featured machines live up to the name “robot”? This video accompanies ECS Unit 6: Robotics, and includes written lesson plan.

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