STEM Workforce Ready 2030

Developing CS Integration Teacher Leaders to bring CS to all Maine elementary students.

STEM Workforce Ready 2030“Maine has recently seen an influx of high-paying, STEM career opportunities in our state. What we are NOT seeing, however, is a workforce prepared for these jobs. A critical component in building the capacity to meet these STEM workforce needs is creating networks of capable, confident, and inspired PreK-12 teachers and teacher leaders. The future of CS education is not some distant thought – it is now.”

~Ruth Kermish-Allen, executive director of MMSA.


The “STEM Workforce Ready 2030” (WFR) Project will create a network of teacher leaders across Maine who are committed to integrating computer science learning in rural PreK-8 classrooms. This 3-year grant will allow MMSA to partner with rural educators in creating engaging and effective lessons to inspire Maine’s STEM workforce of 2030: today’s rural elementary and middle school students.

Building on the findings of the integrate – 2 – innovate project (i2i), WFR will reestablish and grow a research-to-practice partnership focused on increasing equitable access to computer science education for all Maine’s students. At the culmination of three years, WFR participants will have:

  • co-developed and shared sustainable systems for integrating computer science practices and concepts into PreK 8 curriculum
  • co-designed a library of curriculum development tools and materials to support CS integration across content areas.
  •  co-created a community of regional CS Teacher Leaders who support dozens of rural classroom teachers each year as they implement CT/CS integrated activities.

Project Staff

Ruth Kermish-Allen

Ruth Kermish-Allen, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator
Rhonda Tate

Rhonda Tate

Project Manager
Ian Collins

Ian Collins

STEM Education Specialist
Brittney Nickerson

Brittney Nickerson

Research Associate
Nate Vlahakis

Nate Vlahakis

CS Education Specialist

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